Common Causes of Damp Basements

There are several reasons why basements tend to be perpetually moist or damp. Let Seepage Stoppers in Ronkonkoma, NY determine the cause and provide the best solution to keep your basement or crawlspace dry.

 Moisture seepage from the ground: Porous and cracked foundations will eventually allow moisture from the soil to penetrate the walls of your basement creating the perfect environment for mold growth.

 Condensation: Because your basement is underground, it is cooler than the rest of the house, allowing water to condense of the walls and uninsulated pipes that run through the basement.

 Leaking pipes: Leaking pipes will act as a conduit for moisture and water perpetuating a damp basement.


Solutions for Mildewed Basement Walls Seepage Stoppers

 Improper drainage and gutter systems: When water is allowed to collect in window wells and around the foundation, it will eventually seep in through the porous foundation.

 Basement laundry: Your washer and dryer direct moisture into the air every time you use them. This can exacerbate an already moist and cool environment.

damage caused by efflorescence on a wall

Telltale Signs of a Damp Basement

 Mold and mildew on the walls and floors. The most obvious sign of a damp basement is mold and mildew growth. When this happens the air quality of your home can be greatly impacted posing a risk to the health of your family. Many allergies and respiratory illness are attributed to mold and mildew. In addition the growth can attach to your home’s furnishings.

 Walls feel cold and wet or have damp patches.

 Excessive condensation on basement windows.

 Peeling paint or wallpaper.

 Damp patches on carpet or loose tile or flooring.

  Masonry efflorescence. The appearance of white salt deposits.


Seepage Stoppers Waterproofing Solutions

Let Seepage Stoppers in Long Island, NY detect the cause of moisture in your basement, repair the damage, and add preventative waterproofing measures to protect against future problems. Depending on the source of the water damage we might recommend some, or all the following solutions:

  Fix any leaking pipes that may be causing moisture.

✅  Insulate pipes them to prevent moisture from condensing and seeping through walls.

✅  Install a sump pump system to remove water from basement.

✅  Check the houses ventilation system and install filters.

✅  Check the gutter system and drainage around the foundation of the home.

✅  Apply waterproofing to prevent seepage.


Seepage Stoppers Basement Waterproofing

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